About us

Solid trust in the world we build.

It's not hard to provide confidence as long as you're dedicated to building it. The way we work can be reduced to a few solid principles: responsibility, respect and consistency in quality
All the projects we executed, and all our clients are proof that we respect our principles. 

Maristar COM S.R.L., a înregistrat o creștere de 30% a cifrei de afaceri din anul 2021, până la 175 329 335,36 lei, în special în contextul evoluției activității din sectorul de infrastructură. În cei aproape 15 ani de experiență, compania a devenit renumita in domeniul constructiilor civile/ rezidentiale, dar si in infrastructura si lucrari de geniu civil, avand peste 100 de lucrari executate. Pentru 2022, conducerea companiei se asteapta la un nou an de crestere, avand in vedere atat volumul de proiecte contractate si aflate in executie, cat si trendul ascendent pe piata investitiilor publice.

From now on, Maristar COM will continue to extend in the infrastructure field, having technical experience for carrying out complex projects, such as bridge rehabilitation and bridge building. The company has a lot of machines and installations with whom it can carry out big projects, both as general antrepreneur and associate for contracting new projects. ”

George Vlasie, directorul general al Maristar Com S.R.L. 

Our philosophy

From the moment you handed us a job, you are certain we will deliver on time an industrial, infrastructure or professional residential project that lasts for a long time. 

About our future

We are very aware that we are not building for today, but for the future. And the future, as we see it, must be solid. Resistant.

The team

visionary Leadership

George Vlasie

"If you want to really know a man, look at how he treats this subordinates."

About us


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